RCD Testers, Adaptor & Isolation Transformer

RCD testing is an important and sometimes neglected aspect of AS/NZS3760:2003. Regular testing of fixed and portable RCDs is required to ensure their operation should leakage to earth occur in the workplace.

The SEW 4112EL is a low cost RCD tester, suitable for all general RCD testing and RCD testing in AS/NZS3760 applications. The Powertest 200 is a multifunction electrical installation tester, with 6 meters in one.

Also available is the PRO-ITX Isolation Transformer for testing portable RCDs.


PROTAG PRO-RCD Switchboard RCD Test CAT III Adaptor

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The PRO-RCD is a CAT III 600V rated adaptor for use by licensed electrical contractors for safe and compliant testing of RCDs at the switchboard using CAT II 300V rated RCD testers, as typically found on portable appliance testers.

All portable appliance testers are rated CAT II and should not be used for switchboard RCD testing. Many licensed electrical contractors however want to test and manage switchboard RCD testing using their portable appliance tester and asset management software system, like Seaward's PATGUARD.

The PRO-RCD is compatible with any portable appliance tester with RCD test function, as well as all Seaward appliance testers with RCD test function including PAC3760DL, PT300, PrimeTest PRO and PrimeTest Elite.

Single phase or three-phase connections to a switchboard is established using CAT III 600V leads and probes. Output is a standard Australian 240V socket for connection to a third party RCD TESTER.


SEW 4112EL RCD Tester

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The 4112EL is a basic, manually operated RCD tester that measures trip time, ensuring that users meet the obligations of AS3760 RCD testing.

  • Trip Current Setting (includes) 10/30/100/300/500mA
  • Phase Angle 00 & 1800
  • Trip & Phase Polarity Indicator
  • Wiring Polarity Indicator
  • Timer Resolution 1mS
  • Current Accuracy % proportion to V
  • Over Temperature Indication.


Seaward PowerTest-200 Multifunction Installation Tester

Only $999 EX GST Buy Now

For $999 ex GST, you get an RCD tester as well as 5 other meters. Better value and easier to use than many single function meters, and lower cost of ownership with only one instrument to calibrate:

  • RCD Tester
  • Volt Meter
  • Insulation Tester
  • Continuity Tester
  • Loop Impedance Tester
  • Phase Rotation Tester

The Seaward PowerTest 200 multifunction tester has been designed to meet the needs of experienced electricians, but with safety features and an easy to use interface that makes it a great choice for those new to installation testing.

Key Features

  • Voltage measurement up to 440V
  • Continuity test with autostart and null facility to zero out lead resistance
  • Insulation resistance measurement with 250, 500 & 1000V test voltages
  • RCD testing: Trip time, trip current (0.5, 1, 2 and 5 times the rating, dependent on device), auto test and ramp test
  • Test RCDs in auto mode and simply recall the test results once finished
  • Loop impedance and PSC or PFC readings can be shown on one screen
  • Non-trip loop impedance
  • Loop impedance - high current with auto start and direct readout of PSC
  • Phase rotation test will indicate the correct phase sequence
  • Integrated socket probe for easier testing
  • Large backlight screen improving visibility even in difficult lighting conditions

Protection and Warnings

  • Fully protected against damage when accidentally connected across phases
  • PowerTest 200’s screen turns from blue to red and an audible warning sounds if it detects mains voltage when conducting a “dead” test

The PowerTest 200 is fully protected against damage when accidentally connected to a wrong test setting, and meets the safety and performance requirements of AS/NZS3017 , as you would expect from Seaward with over 35 years supplying test equipment to keep people safe.


Emona PRO-ITX Isolation Transformer

Only $199 EX GST Buy Now

Have you had problems testing portable RCDs because you keep tripping the RCD on the main switchboard?

Then you need an isolation transformer. An isolation transformer is used for testing portable RCDs. It enables service providers to trip a portable RCD without tripping the main switchboard RCD’s.

The PRO-ITX is also thermally protected from overload short circuit currents.

To use simply plug PRO-ITX into mains power outlet, plug the portable RCD under test into PRO-ITX, connect RCD tester to portable RCD under test and test the RCD.


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